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Qoutes from the guys

"I'm not mean...Shut the fuck up!!"
"California Boy Ball it up!"
"I'm not Mr.Money bags and was scraping away!"
"I'm a big spender now..I just bought hera $25 ring!"
"I'm sorry hun I didnt mean to stick my booty in your face"
"Wardrobe time!Gonna go put on my undies!"
"I bought alot of clothes and if this doesnt work out they're going straight back to the store!!"
"This tour is very important,the whole world is waiting for us to suck.In my opinion we are going to prove them wrong!"
"You don't wanna know what Ashley dreams about..Ashley dreams about turtles and cats dancing and writing music in...Japan."
"I wouldn't even tattoo O-Town on my back!!"
"Hey Hey everyone I'm Dan"
"Stop mockin' me bro" Dan to Trevor
" Go out do your thing....I'll sit home and watch t.v."

"Everyone wants to see Ashley in the shower because of his pecks!"
"These are the best cookies I've ever had!!ANGELA....WHERE DID YOU LEARN HOW TO COOK THESE?That was my Tony Danza impression.Ahahah"
"I'm goin to my car now...."
"It's too much right now,,It's way too much...."
"i'm not a quitter!......."
"To have a relationship right now at the point where we are. I just cant even grasp it"
"As of right now I'm gonna concentrate on what I need to concentrate on,thats me and my boys"
"I got a call from Ricky Martin, he wants me to be his predissesor!"
"Ashley's the cute one,Jacob's the song writer, Trevor's the good dancer, and Dan's the motivator..where am I?"
"I knew I wasnt supposed to throw the towel, but I did!"
"Flower shirt, Flower shirt, Im wearing a flower shirt!"
(after Paul broke up with Carah)"Whats her number?"

"I quite fancy british girls.They have this way about them thats makes for a smashing conversation"
"I wanted to hear it straight from Lou why??I wanted to hear it straight from a horses mouth"
"Give me one for Joey Lawrence."
"It was really weird.I woke up and there was literally a camera in my face.I only had boxers on I was like'Do I really wanna get out of bed in ront or you?"
"I was afraid they were going to pull my pants down"
"oh we always take out the garbage"(when Jay was complaining about the messy house)
"I prefer handsome thank you"
"Inmy wildest dreams maybe"
"We're all pretty close.We're equally bonded to one another..."
"It didnt feel like we were hitting it off.It was like a really bad date."
"I kinda wanna swim"
"I just dont like being away from home so much.."
"Will you(Shelli)re-hug me"?
"I dont know Shelli help me figure it out.Help me figure it out!!"
"Shelli is just a big question mark in my life.."
"Erik give her (Shelli) back!!"
"Why am I the only one ever in the shower?...Somebody?"
"She (Shelli) was like my first alot of thngs"
"When I think about Shelli,I think ya know Im a bit confused at times"
"I cant believe were on tour with Britney!!I mean,she is so awesome"

"Everything he came with, he still has..Were starting to realize what a awesome person he is" Jacob on Dan
"That's dope man!!"
"You now what you need!?POTATOE CHIPS!!"
"What happened , tell me what happened!!.."
"Did you hear that??He said give me sexy!"
"If it were me and just myself I think Id be ready"
"Were in the Getto!!!"
"Hey Ikaika whats your brother's number, I need to ask him some questions"
"Lou said if you dont have a final mix dont bring one at all, Whats that all about??"
"I'm not going to be in a band where Im a back up singer!!"




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