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MTB Recaps

There are more from Season 2 that will be added soon. And Season 3 starts on January 19, 2002 on MTV! We will have those recaps available here as well!


*June 29, 2001 #10

When O-Town's album sales begin to drop, the pressures on the road and a grueling promotional schedule drive the band to the breaking point. Meanwhile, after months of debating, Erik decides whether or not to meet his biological father in person, on an emotional episode.

*June 29, 2001 #9

When O-Town's whirlwind schedule starts to spin out of control, Dan's relationship with his fellow band members begins to strain under the pressure. Meanwhile, as tensions run high, O-Town awaits the news of their first single's chart placement.

*June 22, 2001 #8

Though loved and adored by millions of fans around the world, Trevor and Ashley experience troubles in keeping their real-life love relationships together.

*June 22, 2001 #7

With the departure of Lou Pearlman, O-Town is left to question their decision to sign with Actual Management. Meanwhile, the band's music mettle is put to the test when they are asked to make their first network television appearance since the disastrous Miss America performance.

*June 15, 2001 #6

When new managers start to detect the sweet smell of O-Town's success, the band contemplates breaking away from Lou Pearlman and Trans Continental.

*June 15, 2001 #5

When ex-girlfriend Shelli pays Ashley a visit, the reunion stirs up mixed emotions for Ashley. Meanwhile, after rocking the house at smaller venues, O-Town have to prove themselves at their first concert in a major arena.

*June 8, 2001 #4

While he still coming to terms with the return of his long lost biological father, Erik's grandmother passes away. Meanwhile, O-Town hits a high note when their single, "Liquid Dreams," is played on the radio for the first time.

*June 8, 2001 #3

Jacob begins to create waves for O-Town as he's edged out of more songs during a recording session in London, where he gets some calming advice from a former Beatles producer. Meanwhile, J Records chairman Clive Davis pays the troubled troubadours a visit to explain the process of putting an album together.

****MTB is on hold til June 8, 2001****

*April 20, 2001 #2

Jacob's star trip at a photo shoot irks the guys, who see him getting less to do in the studio; Trevor gets back in touch with his ex after O-Town's show in his home town and finds out what she has in mind for their future together.

*April 13, 2001 (Season Premiere) #1

We have to prove we're for real, says Jacob in the second-season opener, which spotlights O-Town's performances at the Miss America pageant and a Teen People shindig at the Apollo in Harlem. After a half-hour recap of last season, the series picks up with Jacob, Ashley, Erik, Trevor and Dan settling into the pop-star life, which consists of juggling interviews and photo shoots with the need to rehearse---a need that becomes obvious after a technical glitch leads to a disappointing performance of Liquid Dreams at the Miss America pageant. Meanwhile, off the stage, Erik has mixed emotions about his biological father, who seeks to reenter his life after a 19-year absence.



*September 8, 2000

The band gets the opportunity to travel to New York to perform in front of record company executives and hopefully, land a record contract. O-Town heads for Georgia where Dan will participate in his first band performance in front of a crowd of 2000 fans. Three months later, O-Town arrives in New York to sign a record contract with Clive Davis. This represents the beginning of a promising career.

*September 1, 2000

The band heads out on its first vacation together to Cancun accompanied by Ashley and Dan's girlfriends. Ashley's girlfriend Shelli tearfully explains to him that she is holding him responsible for her broken dreams of getting married and a having a family together. Ashley tells Shelli that he wants them to spend time away from each other for awhile so that he can focus on his career while she goes on with her life.

*August 25, 2000
As O-Town prepares to leave for Germany to record, Erik gets in trouble with Lou and his fellow band members for not taking care of himself while he is sick. After arriving in Germany, Erik feels disconnected to the group when he has to spend time at the doctor's office while his fellow bandmembers begin to record without him. After recording two strong new songs in two days, Jacob gets frustrated when he learns that the record company may not be supportive of these songs that they wrote themselves that aren't part of the usual formula.

*August 18, 2000

Dan Miller arrives in Orlando and witnesses a scolding from vocal coach Mark on O-Towns lack of commitment to practicing. After Mark threatens to quit, Lou has a serious sit-down with the guys and places them on restriction from going out at night until they leave for Germany the following week. After two days of continuous rehearsals, Lou tells Dan that he has made it into the band.

*August 11, 2000

Even after the guys beg Ikaika to stay in Los Angeles for one more day in order to finish the important photo shoot, Ikaika follows the orders of his older brother to return to Hawaii immediately. The remaining four O-Town members try to record their single "Baby I Would" with only four members to prove to Lou that they don't need a fifth member in the band. After realizing that they do need a fifth member, the guys inform Lou that they would like semi-finalist Dan Miller to join the band.

*August 4, 2000

O-town arrives in Los Angeles for a press tour, which will involve phone and radio interviews along with a photo shoot of the eight semi-finalists. Ikaika is still having difficulty adapting to this environment and realizes that he must make a decision soon. After not showing up for an important photo shoot, Ikaika makes an announcement to his stunned fellow band members that he is quitting the band.

*July 28, 2000

The guys get a pep talk before their first real performance in front of record executives at The House of Blues. O-Town delivers a strong first performance, which creates interest from the record executives and may ultimately lead to a record deal. After a short break to visit their families, the guys meet in Los Angeles for an important photo shoot, only to find out that Ikaika did not return from Hawaii.

*July 21, 2000

After a nerve-racking dress rehearsal in front of a top MTV executive, the pressure from their managers and coaches causes the band members to evaluate themselves as performers. Meanwhile, as the band prepares for its first major show at the House of Blues, attitudes and egos create dissension within the group.

*July 14, 2000

O-Town begins to crumble when the band's vocal and dance trainers begin to point out their performance problems. Meanwhile, the guys gear up for their first public appearance as a music group.

*July 07, 2000

As the five finalists settle into their new roles as the O-Town band, makeovers and photo sessions become part of everyday life. The question is: Will the guys get carried away by all the glitz and glamour they're exposed to? Meanwhile, O-Town learns the hard way that the perks of stardom don't come without hard work and sacrifice.

*June 30, 2000

Overcome with emotion, the band members of O-Town bid farewell to the two finalists who didn't make the cut. Meanwhile, Ashley and Shelley struggle with the stress of a long-distance relationship: and the five band members try to overcome their differnces.

*June 23, 2000

As the tension builds between Ikaika and Jacob, Lou steps in to smooth things out. And the big moment finally arrives, as tears and laughter are shared among the seven finalists, when Lou announces the five members of O-Town.

*June 16, 2000

The O-Town finalists face the music as they record their first song, "All for Love," but disharmony sets in when Ikaika returns from Hawaii. Meanwhile, as the countdown to the final five decision begins, tensions mount as the O-Town finalists confront Ikaika on his lack of commitment and Jacob reveals his startling decision.

*June 09, 2000

The O-Town finalists kick up their heels during a New Year's Eve party, where they bond over the loss of one of the candidates and the absence of another. Meanwhile, Jacob meets an potential love interest at the party.

*June 02, 2000

In an emotional episode, the O-Town finalists bid a bittersweet goodbye to Paul when he announces his surprise decision to leave the group. Meanwhile, the guys set antsy when contract negotiations stall the cut to the final five: and further tensions arise when Ikaika returns, then leaves again for Hawaii.

*May 26, 2000

It's a special, one-hour recap of all the drama, fun and excitement of how Jacob, Michael, Bryan, Paul, Ashley, Erik, Trevor and Ikaika came together in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the next pop music sensations. Highlights of all the past episodes include the thrill of their first auditions, their struggles to leave home and the loves they left behind, and the competition they face as these eight friends vie for the coveted spots on the five-member band to be named "O-Town." (Special One-Hour Recap Episode)

*April 28, 2000

When the record contracts are passed out, the O-Town finalists react with mixed feelings. Meanwhile, during Christmas break, Ashley struggles to win support for his music career from his stepfather; and Jacob expresses his concerns about Ikaika's commitment to the group.

*April 21, 2000

Cori causes waves for Mike and Ashley, who find romance during a visit from his gal pal Shelley; the band's finalists take their vocal training out of the studio; and Jenny reacts poorly when Erik shoots her down.

*April 14, 2000

When girlfriends Malia and Carrah pay their boyfriends Ikaika and Paul a visit, the reunions force the two bandmates to examine their devotion to love and their music careers. Meanwhile Carrah's visit causes tension for Heather; and Lou Pearlman assesses Paul's progress.

*April 07, 2000

When Jacob and Erik write a song together, the two bandmates show that they're serious about music, but the temptations of partying with girls prove too hard to resist. Meanwhile, as Lou Pearlman and the Trans Continental staff evaluate the progress of the O-town finalists, self-doubt decends on Trevor as he begins to worry that he may not have what it takes.

*March 31, 2000

The eight O-Town finalists settle into their new home and training schedule in Orlando, but soon discover that becoming the next pop sensation is not going to be a walk in the park. Meanwhile, homesickness bears down on a lonely Ikaika as he becomes estranged from his bandmates. And while out on a night on the town with the guys, Paul entertains a new flirtation.

*March 24, 2000 (Series Premiere)

Twenty-five eager finalists will be chosen from a nationwide talent search that took place in November 1999 in the following eight cities: Honolulu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, New York City, and Orlando. Casting will be narrowed down to eight finalists, which will lead to the selection of the five O-Town band members. O-town is a group of five culturally diverse young men, ages 18-25, hailing from all across the country. The identities of of the band members will be revealed throughout the show's run. (Special One-Hour Series Debut)


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