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Yet More Quotes


"Is this you?" (talking to Erik about his baby picture)

"Please let me see my mom , let me see my mommy, please let me see my mom , let me see my mommy..." (sings)

Pop is....."nanana or lalala"

! "I'm scared of that folder Andrew"

(In a funny British accent) "All I know is I quite fancy British girls...They've got a way about them. And to tell you the truth, they make for a quite smashing conversation..."

"Miss Who?" (When Lou was reminding him of what happened at Miss America)

"I can do a better happiness."

"I've been sick for two weeks... that's not good. I've been on antibiotics for two weeks... that's bad."

"It was this very same stage a year ago that I sang this song to my graduating class."

"I'm gonna try to act professional right now but I'm just not going to!"

"'Everyday I wake up and wonder what will happen, then I fall back asleep."

"I'm scared Trevor.. that I won't be the same Ashley that I was a long time ago."

"Here is us....(lays out 4 knives) here is Dan...(puts a pepper shaker in the middle of the knives) why are you so different Dan?"

"I don't trust myself in here with you tonight." (talking to Shelli)

"Dan is usually the odd man out."

"People don't look at me the same anymore."

"I'm slowly floating away."

"Saying goodbye to her, in a way, is the hardest part for me." (About Shelli)

"I don't want to forget what we had here." (talking to Shelli in his home town of Redding)

"My life is changing completely. Everyday I lose touch just a little bit more."

"Your dad? You're kidding me. So weird." (After Erik tells Jacob and him about him and his dad's matching sweaters)

"I think I should just ask you to be with me before its to late, will you be with me again?"

"We're going to Making the Fan! We're going to Making the Fan!" (singing)

"It's like a dream come true and I don't ever wanna wake up. "

"I never would of thought in a million years that you would say that to me."

"Like you just freaked me out so much, are you serious no?
(Talking about "Liquid Dreams" going on TRL) "Its like a dream. Its like a dream come true... and I don't wanna ever wake up. Its....its... awesome its the best feeling I've ever had and it... just only assures me that I was right in believing that I wanna do this for the rest of my life."

"I want her in my life, I just don't know how to right now" (Talking about Shelli)

"It was a first BIG show, Shelli was there...and I threw up."

"In a manly kinda way, I'm glad we're tight."

"Guys are competitive by nature so it's a big turn-on when a girl wants to play a game. It builds a friendship."

"We really became O-Town once Dan joined us. Before that, we weren't."

"We talk about it in 'Liquid Dreams,' what would be our ideal woman but that's a fantasy and not real life. I think, in our real life, expectations of a girl are much different. I know all of us like a girl with a great sense of humor and all the way down, personality is much more stressed."

"When we first came out with it (the album), we listened to it a lot, but not anymore." (walking backstage yelling to Dan infront of him]) "Its Dan Miller, I said Dan... Dan my man I said Dan Miller... DAN, DAN DAN!!"

NEW! "We're ready to do everything it takes to bring o-town to where we all envision it."
"I quite fancy them British girls... it's quite easy to keep conversation with them."

"We love girls is general! How politically correct is that?!"
"I think I am the only 19-year old male left on earth that wears briefs. I think I'm going to have to change soon."
"Someone keeps grabbing my ass."
"Yeah, Jay you said I was your favorite too!" (after Jay tells everyone Dan is his favorite and Trevor say's that Jay told him that he was Jay's favorite)
(Before the "All My Children" taping) "Tell me ladies, is the hair too wild?"
"Are you telling me you don't want me to have my dreams come true?"
"Oh, we always take out the garbage." (When Jay was complaining about the messy house)
"I'm pretty much sure I can't feel my legs." (when he gets picked for the eight)
"I'm 18 years old, I'm young. I know my life is going to take a lot more...twists and turns." (talking about his relationship with Shelli)
"You don't understand, it hurts just as much to say it." (When he is breaking up with Shelli)
"I didnt like that question sorry beep!"
"I was afraid they were going to pull my pants down."
"23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 buses....."
"Our show was....." (long pause) "....great."
(to Erik) "Our first phone interview and you hang up on her!"
"There's a negative connotation to the word 'Boy Band', but that's what we are."
The Beatles were a boy band. The Jackson 5 were a boy band. We're a boy band."
"I just want you to know that like no matter what happens to us I'll always... I'll always... I'll always love you so much... and that'll never stop."
"Does it look like I'm kidding?"(talking to Jay about the messy house, with a battery up his nose)
"Through our experiences we have learned so much about each other and through each other we leaned things about ourself. I learned that I am such a people person." (not on TV but on a video on Making the Bands home page)
(when he burns his tongue and gets ice cream)"...I don't think I've ever burnt my tongue this badly before...ahhhh, that feels good..."
(to Shelli)" forgot sandals but you brought go-go boots?"
"Listen to the engine it's sounds like we're in Germany!"
"I love you enough to say goodbye." (to Shelli)
"Hello and welcome to the Dusseldorf Hilton, my name is Stephan. Every morning there will be a complementary breakfast and beverage...."
"Lets see who can open their mouths the longest... Ahhhhh..." (with Jacob on Lou's speeding boat)
"I didn't like that question, sorry! ....BEEP!!"
"Ya know thats funny cause I got an offer from RCA to be a country artist."
"How good did that feel!? WHOOOOO!"
"I am Superman."
"Guys...quiet, I have something important to say! (long pause)...Do I make you horney?!"



"He's so tired , he can't sing, he was up till 7 o' clock in the morning...................ya know that's just dumb!!" (talking about erik)

"I'm thinking of dying my hair green because I heard it gets the girls! (When talking to Ed the Sock (who has green hair) on Much Music.

"It's bascially try not to suck cause we've all been there, it's just try our hardest not to suck on stage" (About Jacob being sick)

My mom can't phone me with a thousands questions to ask when I'm on stage."

"Probably not." (When asked if he likes a girl but she likes Ashley, would Dan still be waiting around for her.)

"I could sleep riding a bike" (Cduk magazine)

"Hi, I'm Dan" (at the Halifax Concert)

"I'm not going to be in a boyband forever." (When talking to Cindy.)

"Stop jackin' my socks!" (to Trevor when they were putting away their clothes)

"Dude why are u mocking me? Don't mock me." (talking to Trevor)

"Come get your laundry!"

"You California boy! You have to ball it up!" (talking to Trevor while in a snowball fight)

"I'm not mean! Shut the F*** up!"

"We're runnin' ourselves ragged right now."

"Daniel, Daniel. Alot of drama today." (after Dan and he got in a fight)

"Making the Fan is a TRIP!"

"If you sit around your whole life thinking something as big as this is gonna happen to you ,then your pretty much the cockiest man alive!"

"If you don't have radio, all the other stuff really isn't important."

"I love confident girls. I'm atracted to a girl who focuses more on what she has, rather than what she lacks."

"Jacob getting up and walking out.. that's totally disrespectful.. to 1.)the group, 2.)all our manager and the people who believed in us.. ya know if you got a problem...."

"We might not have cameras in our house right now, but we have cameras when we leave our house and go to a public place. People are watching our every move, even now."

"We didn't realize how many (boy bands) were in the scene because (in America) we only have Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and O-Town! When people asked us that question, we were like, "What you talking about?" But now we see what you guys mean."

"I think it is an advantage (that our lives are all over TV) because people know we are real people."

"We are not one of those groups that comes out wearing a fancy flashy outfit, we are wearing T-shirts and jeans right now and we wear that every day! We wear the same clothes on stage."

"When you saw us at the beginning, we were bad, now we are better."

NEW! "While these boys were holding hands and waiting for their name to be called, I was halfway across America, in my dorm room. These boys called me on a Saturday afternoon and were like, 'hey, you want to come to Orlando' and I was like, why not? And the next day I was on the plane and I haven't been back since."

NEW! "Ever since I got here, most of the people I hang out with are the guys. I miss having a woman's point of view on some things."
"One girl even said she'd drink her pee to prove how much she liked us!" "I love these guys like brothers."
"He's like family. We call him Big Poppa for a reason." (about Lou)
"It just happend so fast. Last time I had 2 weeks to brace myself after I found out. This time it's like PACK UP YOUR THINGS!"
"I think they expected me to be running through the hallways like oh this house is so big, and there's a lake in the back yard and we got a boat"
"Don't worry... I know its tough.."(talking to Cindy)
"I have my own black socks, too!" (to Jay)
"Welcome to Georgia."
"Oh Cindy - I bless her heart! She works two jobs and her family is not that wealthy and she helps put herself through college and pays for her apartment."
"The motorized gates swung open and it was like OOOOOOOOO!!!"
"I never heard my voice on a CD before" (after Tony says it's good) "WoooHoooo"
"I'm ain't Mr. Money Bags, dude, I was scraping away!"
"I'm a big spender now I bought her a $25 ring"(about the ring he bought Cindy)
"She (Cindy) knew when she got into this relationship that at any moment my hat could drop and i'd be outta there. and guess what! I dropped my hat, and I was gone."
"Wait till you see Shelli she's a trip" (to Cindy)
"You're going to the tongue doctor tomorrow, but, they can't cure everything..."(to Erik)
"He gets up and he's SOOO tired, he was up until 7 AM... *long pause*.....ya know?!"(said about Erik)
"And to make things worse, I just gave up my nice big warm bed."
"I bought a lot of new clothes but I left the tags on them..cause if this doesn't work they're going STRAIGHT back to the store!"
"I'm be the luckiest guy in the world,I really believe that... but I still have to work hard...cause even the luckiest guy need to work hard"


NEW!"I get along with everyone"

NEW!"I'm just goofy. I try to look sexy and it goes wrong"

NEW!"I once went swimming with my friends wearing a pair of regular white shorts. I was having a cool time until I got out of the water, the shorts had gone totally see-through!"

NEW!"My least favourite part is my lips. They're too big. People always talk about my lips. I've had a complex for years 'cos people call me lips"

NEW!"We're gonna overtake 'Westlife'"-Erik

NEW!"They're (his fans) the zaniest bunch, in their home-town they're the life of the party...but Jacob's fans are the most sexual!"

(Erik to Ashley, Trevor, and Jake, talking about Dan in restaurant) "knife...knife...knife....knife...(slams salt shaker on table in between knives)....DAN!"


"Don't cry, you said you wouldn't cry."

"We're gonna overtake Westlife!"

"These are the greatest cookies I've ever had. Where did you learn how to cook these..ANGELA. That was my Tony Danza impression ah ha ha ha"

"Been dealing with a lot of stuff, the day to day things, personally, you know with my dad and I'm so lucky that I have 4 other guys that care about me and now I've just been blessed with 2 other beautiful people in my life."

"You can call me anything you want as long as you saying I'm fine girl!" (after the DJ told a fan to say Erik-Michael his whole name)

"I'm so stressed and you can see it in my face."

"See this, it's called a war wound.Not good. I actually was using a straightening iron. TSSZZZ..AHHH!"

"I'm not gonna not be friends with Lou. Lou is a very intricate character in this whole chapter of my life."

"I don't want to have a father-son relationship with him, I don't want to go outside and play catch."

"I don't know him, he's a stranger to me" (talking to Ash about Ruben)

"I'm gonna concentrate on what I need to concentrate on and that's my boys and me."

"That he didn't wanna see me just pisses me off." (talking about Ruben)

"We were just informed that we have and (pause) emergency meeting.Which can only mean (pause) something bad."

"The guy's gotta be crazy!" (about his biological father trying to come into his life)

"The girl I always notice are the ones who are smiling and laughing."

"...I like girls who look good! Just kidding."

"When my name was announced, it just overwhelmed me, I had tears in my eyes." (on being one of the five chosen to be apart of O-Town)

"He (Trevor) cried like THREE little girls!"

"I have always enjoyed juggling, so I was thinking of taking my act on the road. Uhm, being a singing juggler... I am serious!" (Erik on where he sees himself in 10 years)

"I have a burn. I burned myself with my straightening iron. It was like (Erik re-enacts the burnage) so now we gotta touch it up. It's gonna look real nice."

"Right now we're gonna set this place a'blazin!"

"Who Lou??!!?! He's the biggest element."

"What's amazing is that as many times as I wondered whether or not I was in, I knew deep in my heart I made it." (talking about making the final 5)

"My brain right now, at this point, is going through such craziness. He kinda wants to like talk to me when I'm finally on tv, oh, when I'm finally someone that he can benefit from. Apparently he's in the music industry right now. What other reason would he have to get in contact with me right now rather than the prior 19 years of my life? The guy's got to be crazy."

"Inside I'm like you gotta be crazy. You haven't contacted me my whole life and now your gonna surprise me and throw my head in a tail spin. How do you expect me to react to something like that?"

"I dont wanna play catch in the streets with him..i dont wanna have a father son know what i mean?" (refering to his father)

"LOOOOONG LIVE THE FISH" (said in CopenhagenAirport-Denmark, right after he had been given a singing fish by some of the fans)

"Hey, this is Erik, your first born." [on the last epi of "MTB" -- to his father when he returned his phone msg)
"I compare my love for thee, to a plant! If you nuture it, water it, and sing to it everyday, it blossoms into something incredible! And that's what I think love is like!" (talking about what he compares love to, on a UK interview.) *New*
"Dude you like totally just went backstage and changed!!" (talking to Ashley on trl, after he cleared up the thong thing!) *New*
(When asked if a lot of hugging goes on) "No just a lot of these!" (rubs ashley's shoulder, others all copy) *New*
"No. I am not going to get up. I am tired. Let me sleep a little."
"We were watching our weight for the show and Ashley kept smuggling Kit Kats into our room at night. I'd catch him eating in the closet!" (talking about Ashley)
"I love this purple shirt... the color's me!" (at a Seventeen magazine photoshoot)
(telling the others about the two fans who waited for them at Europe)"At least I can give them 15 min. of my time"
"I think the future can only be positive if we make it that way."
"He's the sweetest and nicest member of the band. Every time he talks, he'll give you a cavity!" (about Ashley in Sixteen magazine)
"That's gonna be my trademark, I don't care, I'm gonna throw that towel out every time."
"Actually... Ricky Martin called me (long pause, a few snickers) and asked me to go on tour with him! No really he did!"
"I don't even know how to attempt to grab all that garbage...go around it...come at it...attack it"
"We're recording today with Tony Harrison. He's the man behind (singing) more..and more..and more.. duh dih duh duh duh duh dih dih"
"It doesn't matter!"
"Flower shirt, flower shirt...I'm wearing a flower shirt!" (singing it)
"The only person who will make this work is me and I do not want to be the anchor that is holding us down from becoming something great. And I know I can do it cuz I've done it before. It's just a matter of putting things first."
(after Paul said he and Carah broke up) "What's her number?!"
"Ikaikas range is incredible. But my range ain't that bad either."
"Because he's Jacob Underwood, that's why!" (when asked why Jacob got up and left in the middle of a meeting)
"Jacob's the wirter/producer, Ashley's the cute one, Trevor's the good dancer, Dan's now the motivator where am I?"
"I'm not a big person on going out all the time but I seem to do it at all the wrong times."
(When they first got to Germany, to Ashley) "Dude, I don't understand it. I would love to have that car but I don't, not in cream."
"Well Ricky Martin wants me to be his Prodecessor."
"The last time we went along with what someone said look at what happened!!!"


NEW! "I'm, like, so computer-illiterate it's embarassing"

NEW! "I like the way I look to reflect my personality, my mom looks at me and laughs"

NEW! "I accomplish far more by staying in my room than I would if I went out and got drunk"

NEW! "I don't wanna come out and be mad at them (*N SYNC), but if they want to mock me, come challenge me!"

NEW! "It (Making the Band) was embarassing at first and my friends gave me a lot of stick. They still laugh at what I'm doing but they all ak when I'm going to but them a car."

NEW! "I surfed a lot when I was younger. I wrestled too 'cos my dad was a coach, and I was into skateboarding. I broke 3 ribs and I've got a 5-inch scar just below them."

NEW! "I wear nail-polish, I braid my hair, so what??? I'm here because I'm talented and people have to take me or leave me!"

NEW! "I stropped off at a photo shoot once. They wanted me in front of a pink backdrop. I don't do pink! Some people might think that's big-headed, but, hey!"

NEW! "I get scared when they (fans) grab my hair and ears 'cos these aren't small holes.If a fan grabbed them, it would rip my ear-lobe off! That's why I run out with my hands on my head"

NEW! "I've been asked to have my picture taken in a urinal! I was doing my thing and this guy turns up and he's doing his thing and he looks at me and goes 'Can I have a picture when you're done? My daughter's waiting outside!'"

NEW! "I was lying down (on a plane) and this lady just said to me 'We're taking a photo in the back!' and I was like'Oh, we are, are we?'"

NEW! "I've kissed so many girls that if someone says I kissed them I won't remember.!

NEW! "I prefer homely girls. Y'know, momma's little girls. I don't like girls who are too loud, and obnoxious or always swearing. I like girls with good morals, girls who are down-to-earth. And I need a girl who can appreciate the artist in me and who also has a strong belief in God too."

NEW! "I don't get why girls find a girl a nice sweet boyfriend then dump him because he's too nice! That was a recurring thing in my high school. Explain that!"

NEW! "I hope I never see myself on a little girls wall!"

NEW! "I regret letting them cut my hair at the beginning and changing my look for a while. I hate that I changed for someone else."

"Non-exisiting" (Says To Exan On 'The Hit List' when she askes describe your romantic side)

"Trevor likes getting naked. There's no explanation for it. He just walks into a room naked and it's like, "Aargh! What are ya doing, man? None of us want to see that!"

Whats your brother's number 'cause I need to ask you some questions"

"They cause this stuff because maybe they get a more interesting story than they had last week. We have no fight with 'N Sync." But, Jacob was quick to add, "The secret is that they went through the same process that we went through when we formed." 'N Sync maintains they aren't manufactured, like O-Town. "They know that they're lying," Jacob continues. "That's something they can deal with on their own."

"The rivalry isn't between us and 'N Sync, the rivalry is between the press and the press,"

(To Erik) "It ain't easy bein' Jacob Underwood, man!!" (talking to Erik) "You know what you need? Potato chips."

"Dan came into a tight knit group and came in with such an attitude that motivated the group, and that takes such a dynamic personality, everything that he came with, he still is today. We're starting to realize what an awesome person he is."

"The game gets a lot quicker and the competition gets a lot harder."

"Say it with me guys.....2 spins before 10."

"That's so dope." (talking to Erik after he saw his biological dad for the first time)

(Gasp) "A puddle" (taking about Trevor going skinny-dipping almost anywhere)

"Janie is my best friend, she's who I depend on for everything, she was my girlfriend in like 5th, 6th, 7th grades. So now its past that, its like, this is who I lean on, this is who motivates me, my shoulder I cry on, this is who keeps me going and she's my support."

"What are you talking about I have a tattoo!" (arguing with Ashley about a girl who tattooed OTOWN on her back)

"Everybody was so upset, then he comes into the studio and interrupts our rehearsal, and i was just like oh my god"

"What the hell, or what would provoke them to do something like this?"

"Ashley is singing all the soulful parts, I mean he's the whitest boy in America, and Erik sings just as much as me"

"And Mark was like you keep fightin' for what you fight for"

"Britney's not THAT hot"

"I really couldn't believe it. I was standing there thinking, I'm on a TV show. My whole life is about to change"

"If I liked a girl who liked Ashley? (long pause) ...I'll get a new one."

"We all write music and we grew up writing music."

"I have been in a lot of groups before and I realized that making the group didn't necessarily mean success, especially this group. It was marked from the beginning and nobody thought it would work. I think it was more proud on the day we signed (the recording contract) with Clive Davis."

"I just want to say, you know I love you Janie!"

NEW! "I am not a part of that mentality..."

"It was like real raw music, and that's, that's what I came from, that's what I love the most."

"I felt like I was sitting with a Beatle ,and he was giving me advice and it just makes you such a better thinker to work with somebody like that" (talking about Mark Hudson)

"We connected on the music and we knew what each other was saying just when he gave me a look." (talking about Mark Hudson in the recording studio)

There was something about Mark Hudson, just this wierd vibe I got from him. It was comforting, and I felt like I was with someone who appreiciated music for the emotion."

"Every time I sing they wanna change something or take it off, and I'm not cool with that."
"I knew it, ever since me and Ikaika resolved the issue between us, I put him in the five."
"Settle? I hate settling."
"There is no thing that says O-Town has to do what everybody else is doing."
"Who am I? You dont even know my name."
"My goal was to have a record contract by the time I was 21."
"We all realize that Erik is being irresponsible with him self and by being with this band day in and day out, he will have to change, he'll change."
"Do you seem to be getting it? Ya it's tight huh. I like the beat. bah bah bah pa bah bah pa pa boom pa"
"I know we're gonna make up and it's gonna be sweet,sweet lovin'"
"Jay it is nice."(when Jay says look your house is clean)
"He's 21 years old and he's letting his daddy and his brother tell him what to do"
"I'm such a professional, I'm such a professional..." (imitating Erik)
"We've been working on this dance for 3 weeks we should've been finished and done with this 2 weeks ago... give me a break!!!!"
(talking about Jay)"It's so easy to get that guy mad."
"I am not a star"
"In the last episode of 'Making the Band' I fell out of my chair."
"When I make a mistake, I dwell on it." "I will not let it happen again."
"Lou said if we didn't have the final mixes on the songs, not to bring any back at all..... What's that about?"
"We were talking about boy bands, and Tony said 'This is no boy band you've ever seen. These guys will scare you.'" (after recording session with Tony Harrison)
"You're words mean nothing to me."
"I'll be your king cause you are my queen..."("All For Love")
"Ikaika's telling us that we don't know anything about fitness. Like he does."
"You wanna go there?!" (to Ikaika)
"Doin' a little washi wash"(talking to lady at salon)
"Everybody back home was so skeptical of us going they almost cancelled the trip because they didn't think we could bust out 2 songs" Then Dan says "BAAAAM!"
"Dan doesn't have an ego like Erik which is something I absolutely dispise"
"I had to cuss you out just to get you out of bed!" (to Erik)
"I was just like 'Where am I'?"
(After the preformance)"A girl was screaming out "I LOVE YOU!" and she didn't even know my name..."
"Coming in here I wanted to have more songs on the albem written by us."
"....a dance step is a lack of focus, if you don't do it, it's because you forgot to. You don't forget not to crack!"
(Erik asked if Jacob really thought he could sing after just being forced out of bed) "I didn't think you could sing anyway!"
"Hey Ikaika? What's your brother's phone number? I need to ask you a few questions"
"He dances like a mother!!" (talking about dan in the movie theater)
"Both of them.. gosh.. he needs to chill out a lil!"
"Give Me A Break!!!"
"Don't ever call yourself a professoinal again if you can't get out of bed to practice"(to Erik)

NEW!"I was a mascot. I had to put on a cougar outfit with a big head and it was really hot. At university I was a great big elephant once too!"

NEW!"At one show I was wearing warm-up ants without underwear. During 'Take Me Under' we got on the ground but on the way back up my finger got caught in my buttons and most of them came undone! I think a couple of people caught a peek!"

NEW!"I'm probably the best kisser but Erik's the smoothest with the girls!"

NEW!"When I met Jacob at the auditions he had long curly hair and a 2-inch goatee, a week later Lou Pearlman had it cut off. He was clean-shaven and he had this cheesy grin -it just wasn't him."

"Dan sleeps with fresh fruit in his underpants. I don't think any of us were prepared for that."

"Your like the king of blowing things out of proportion!"

"There are five off us and one of you Ed the Sock."

"I'm still normal you know, I put my pants on one leg at a time."

"That disturbed me that some guy asked you if I was your boyfriend, and you didn't know what to say." (talking to Kelly)

"Trevor's all about comfort and... TREVOR DOESN'T WEAR UNDERWEAR" (in the KISS 92 interview about boxers or briefs)

"I think I know what my socks look like when they come out of the dryer! I'm not jacking your socks! Dan your such a liar! You're a liar!"

"Come on Ohio!" (talking to Dan in a snowball fight)

"If you get by, you're going to sound good." (to Erik)

"My perspective on Dan changed when his friends came down and we all hung out. I think his friends and my friends are very similar. Kinda made me feel closer to him because now I know how much he misses them."

"All women are beautiful.Carry yourself with confidence, and the real you is going to shine.Guys want to be around that- they hope that some of it will rub off on them."

"God... I just want some food.. I'm not trying to talk back to you Lou." (to Lou, after he tells him not to talk back to him)

"Do I want a girlfriend? Most of the time I do, most of the time I do, but sometimes I don't just because I see how hard it is to keep a girlfriend while your in a band."

"Nothing bad happens to us when we're in Canada!" (said it at an interview with a Canadian Radio Station, Kiss 92)

(when asked at a radio interview what he looks for in a girl) "I look for a girl who would wake up at 4:00,5:00 in the morning and come visit a radio station."

"We did so freakin' good. I'm so happy!"

"I definitely think that rehearsal time is more important than the interviews and the photo shoots but from the record company stand point it's not."

"No way! I am not letting anyone down! Not anybody!"

"I never talked to some people in high school; later, I couldn't believe how cool they were."

"I like it when a woman feels differently than me about an issue, because it gives us a reason to share our views." (to Lou) "I would like you to meet my girlfriend.. hmm. I don't have one."

"You missed your senior prom to come see us? Wow, thanks!" (After reading a sign in the audience at Holland, MI)

"For me, I just want a girl that is a lot of fun. We could play air hockey and I would beat her and she could take it. A definite added bonus for me is a girl who can sit down and watch sports."

"I got very, very, very emotional. I cried like a little girl. I knew then, right at that moment that my life was going to change forever."

"We all made a pact. We decided that the day O-Town begun affecting our friendship, it would be the day we stop being O-Town. It could happen in 15 years; it could happen in two months... but it's not going to happen in two months of course!"

"There are a lot of males who listen to boy bands, but they are pretty much closet listeners!"

"When I do date someone she has to have a sense of humor, and I like someone who's a dancer."

"All my life I have been trying to make people smile."

"I've gotta joke for you..... oh I can't think of it."

"I wanna thank all the beautiful women for coming to our video. Wow."

"Ashley has finally become his idol.... James Dean."

"They cant not pick me they just can't"

"To know that your whole lifes going to change just by someone saying your name once."

"No, you know what that was? That was I'm Jacob Underwood and I'm better than everybody else!!!"
"I compare my love for thee, to a perfect bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! because there's is nothing I like more, & that's how i would love you!" (talking about what he compares love to on a UK interview.)
"Por que?...Por que my friend." (to Paul when he's gonna quit)
"Shut up, Lou, just shut up!" (when they were getting picked for the five)
(talking about "Baby I Would")"I can so picture 'NSYNC singing this. But NSYNC isn't gonna sing it. Like, we're gonna sing it."
"Man I got this! let me try let me try.......ohhhhhh!" (to dakkari while recording as 4)
"I look like a girl!"(when he first gets make-up put on him for the performance)
"Sitting on that couch, waiting, just to know your life is gonna change by that one person calling your name once."
"I want to make it so bad." (make the band)
"Ashley's like the balladeer. He's Mr. sweet , Mr. Soft , Mr. I love you girl. (When telling about Ashley on TRL)
(When the guys are telling Jay that he's a nagger)...."you're a nagger..." (talking to Jay)
(rehearsing for ikaika's part in "baby i would") "Do anythi (skweak) OOOh God."
(when his family was telling him to dance) "Just listen to the song."
"There's no reason any reason at all why you should have got up and left!"
"An apple a day keeps Jay's nagging away!"
"Ikaika was great, but Dan's supposed to be here"
"Shut up.....shut up"(to Erik when he was singing about his flower shirt)
"Life long dreams are hard to come by."
"We just gotta find out how to work together. It just takes time."
"Jacob was like pow! This is how it's gonna work. This is what we're going to do and he just produced the vocals for that song (You Bring Me Under) and I was just like "You do the show," cause I know that if anyone could do it, it'll be him."
"I'm Jacob Underwood! I'm better then everybody else!!"
"That girl from Titanic is!!! The old lady"
(Jokingly)"I usually do about 600 of these, but you guys can do 10."(to Ikaika)
"Thanks Uncle Marc!!" (when he gave them money for ice cream)
"Lou walked in with these record execuitives and it was like..DUN DUN DUN!"
"You're the king of blowing things out of proportion" (to Dan)
"Oh by the way sometimes at night my arm swings down like this, that would be once in a while."
"It's not a club, it's a bar. There's a difference."
"Crulock is a group of people doing a lock together. Like hitting a pose. Not all hitting the same pose. All hitting different poses to make it look like a big... crew... lock."
(and Mike and Bryan)"Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My and a weight room, Oh My!"
"Everyone I want you to meet my girlfriend...oh...I don't have one!"


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