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MTB Quotes


NEW! Ash-"Cori is cute. She's got a cute butt too."
Mike-"you want her don't you?"
Ash-"Shut up man"
NEW! "I really...don't know!!" (when Shelli asked where his concert was)
"I was like did I just get hit in the head by a rubber chicken?!" (when talking bout things being thrown on stage at them.)
"Ya know, it's funny. 'Cause RCA called and wanted me to be a country artist."
"My greatest fear is setting a goal for myself that I want so bad that I can taste it and never being able to achieve it."
"I think what makes a relationship strong is two people who are independant enough to have their own things going on and WANT to be with each other but don't necessarily NEED to be with each other."
"I just went out there and all those girls were screaming and I was just like, I am superman."
"Growing up, I always knew I would either go into music or acting,and now that I'm pursuing music, I know that later my path will be acting."
"Look how nice it feels out here." (when Shelli and Ashley were in Palm Springs out by the pool.)
"I've slept in a lot of hotel rooms in the past year and a half, but last night.....I slept in my bed!!!" (Feb.26, 2001 at his first Redding performance!!)
"Dude, I'm, like, so emotionally weirded out"
"What, what do you mean?"-After Shelli says she hates him.
"Why am I the only one ever in the shower? (Looking round) Someone?"

"I just want to take you in my arms and hold you!"(after receiving a watch fron Dan)

"We eat so much fast food that it's nice to eat some real food once in a while. Real lettuce, not frozen dehydrated burger lettuce."

"And I started to imitate a stripper, if you will...."

"I love you enough to say good-bye."

"We just want to say that we love the fans so much because they're helping make O-Town history, because they are helping bring us to the top! We just can't wait until we go on tour so we can show all you fans in person what we are all about, and we LOVE YOU!"

"Ha ha, I don't really do anything special" (when he was told by L&K that he was the one everybody screamed at)

"I feel like when you got here I didn't give you the right hug. Can I re-hug you?" -to Shelli

"Like u just like totally freaked me out there, is that your answer... no?"

"Cause I was thinking, we could do like dinner, then maybe a movie, like on a date.."

"She was my first a lot of things." (talking about sheli)

"I like, don't trust myself with u. I don't think i should sleep in the same room with u tonight."

"You forgot sandles, but you brought go-go boots?"

"Listening to farts will make me laugh, I promise"

"It hurts as much for me to say it.I love you and I have to say goodbye."

"Erik and I have had more than one conversation about how difficult it is to maintain a relationship"

"When I was little I was scared of the Thriller video but I always watched it!"

"I love it when people think I'm a girl ... I get more respect that way"

"Sometimes I've miss you so much I just wanna go back and live one day like it we use to..."

"Everyday I wake up and wonder what will happen, and then i fall back asleep."

"You are officially the first person I called when I heard my song on the radio!"

"Quiet guys I have something very important to ask I make you horny?"

"I'm just so don't understand how confused i am when it comes to you...Aghhh!"

"Man, I can't believe you called him this early"

"In a manly way, i'm glad we're tight"

"All I know is I quite fancy english girls... they have a way about them. And to tell you the truth they make quite a smashing conversation!" (in an english accsent)

"We are so busy we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off"


"Ouch... Ouch...." (after the crowd boos the name westside on TRL)

"I don't think it's third degree or anything, but I've never burnt my tongue that bad before!"

"Can I tell you something? I felt like when we first met, I didn't hug you right... will you re-hug me?"

"It's Dan Miller, I said Dan...Dan my man I said Dan Miller...DAN, DAN DAN!!" (walking backstage to dan in front of him)

"Does it look like i'm kidding....does it look like i'm even kidding?!" ( said to the others with batteries hanging out of his nose)

"Hey i'm 19....who wants to spank me?"

"Don't eat yellow snow"

"......31,32, 33 buses!"

"I apologize for Jacob's behavior, people don't talk or act like that unless their mentally freaked out. He coll- I watched him collaspe, I watched him fall down, I watched him collaspe on the stairs and hyperventilate because he's sick. The guy is sick, and because the business doesn't allow a sick day..." (On the last episode of MTB, to Andrew)

"True that sister, true that"

"It shows that we're multitalented." (playing guitar during "Love Should Be A Crime")

"I wanna be in a concert and playing guitar somewhere and look down to see someone with tears in their eyes."

>"Have we gone Platinum.... Aluminum... PLASTIC?!?!" (referring to the sales of their debut album)

"I'm going to try to be professional but, WHOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOO!" (running around the office)

>"One day Trevor came in and threw a bowl and a spoon on my lap and said 'That's how the sink feels!'"

"Your first phone interview and you hang up on her! (says to Erik when he accidentally hung up the phone on an interview)

"The crowd started cheering and i was like i'am superman!"

"Does this whole thing feel akward, it's weird because i know you so well, and it feels like I'm re-getting to know you."

"Shelli is the love of my life. I just wanna be with her."


NEW! "Work it baby work it."
NEW! "He soooo tired,he can't sing still,he was up till 7 o'clock in the mornin.................ya know that's just dumb(talking about erik being sick)
NEW! "I feel like 5 million people are looking at my butt!" (on MTV New years eve)
NEW! "Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease."
NEW! "Hey your a California Boy!" (Said To trevor when he threw a snowball at him)
"The show must go on!"(then showing his awesome smile)
"You were out partying till 3am, and your sick, you should have been the first one in bed!!!"
"I'll put it this way, I never wanna act in my life!"
"We were planning on having a big bar-b-que at my house but Erik spilled the beans on the radio that everyone was coming over to my house so we kinda nixed that...."(radio interview in Cleveland)
"You should be the first one in bed!" (Said to Erik)
"What does it take to get a girl like that?"
"I'm a big spender now. I bought her a 22 dollar ring."
"I'm not Mr. Moneybags. I was scraping away"
"Making the Fan is a trip man!"
"I'm not supposed to tell anyone this, but Mike Morin just told me we won the RMA for song of the year!!" (starts dancing around the parking lot)
"Ashley's the heart-throb of the band,I mean, look at him, he's got the LOOKS!"
"ball it up california boy"
"I don't have that much drama"
"We SUCKED in the beginning man."
"You tell me what to do. I just do what people tell me to at this point." (responding to a question asked while in the studio during his two-day try-out)
It's good to be home!" (at the Nautica Stage in Cleveland)
"You know that's funny I played a stepsister in my school play of cinderella too"(on the radio interview)

"Shoot I'm the president of his fan club" (talkin about Ikaika)

"I HAVENT FINISHED...stop and let me finish..I let you do this every time...STOP!"

"When it comes to love and romance, I consider myself perfect."

"I like to call Trevor "Mr. Entertainment". Onstage he is always bouncing around and he's just such an incredible dancer."

"I bought all these clothes at the store, but I left all the tags on them because if this doesn't work out, they're going straight back to the store!"

"The motorized gates swung open and it was like Ahhhhh!"

"Ladies and gentelmen, the whitest man in America just said 'Holdin it down'!"--his response to Ashley's "I'm just holdin it down."

"I-I-I-I messed up the words!"(singing We fit together on Kiis f.m)

"I'll just be sitting there listening to headphones, and he taps me on the shoulder, and I'm like, "AHHHH! Get AWAY!!!" (On Trevor coming out of the shower in his towel, and then taking it off)

"I am the luckiest guy on Earth, I truely do believe that...but even the luckiest guy on Earth has to work hard"

"Woohoo! He likes it! He likes it!"

"Wait till you see Shelli, She's a trip!"

"Erik wakes up and hes soooo tired, he was up til 7am....ya know!"

"I'm like a peacock. At first I'm not much to look at, but once I open up..."

"Stop jackin' my socks!!!" (to Trevor)

"Ashley why do you always have to steal the girls from me?" (at a concert)

"I will never dispute a lady huntin' me down!"

"I'm not mean shut the f*** up!"

"Aaah! Get away from me. None of us wants to see that." (Talking about Trevor getting naked)

"Have you ever seen a show called Making The Band? I've seen a show called Making The Band! You might be on that show, so wave hi to mommy! (On March 6, 2001, @ the House Of Blues Show In Chicago)

"California boy... Ball it up!" (when they were having a snowball fight outside)

"The only thing we have to eat on our bus is cereal"

Welcome to Georgia!!!" ( Jumping off bus)

"Stop mocking me bro!" ( to Trevor)

"In the year 2010 *long pause* O-Town will be *long pause* a *long pause* good group"

"I'm sorry hun, didn't mean to stick my booty in your face."

"With Jacob there's a lot of stuff we put up with but that's alright were all in awe of his singing."

"I think it is an advantage (that our lives are all over TV)because people know we are real people."

"This tour is really important to us, cause the whole world is waiting for us to suck."

"We don't have punch-each-other-out-cuz-he-stole-my-girlfriend fights. We have is-a-cucumber-a-pickle fights. We'll argue about it loudly for, like, fifteen minutes, and then it'll be over."

"Hey can someone call Trevor he keeps bugging me for a date on Valentines Day."

"Personally, I'm number one in the Ikaika fan club...."

"Anything but O-town..." (when asked what other name he'd want for the band)

"I was kinda cut ... well I was really cut!"

"I won $2000 in the casino the other's $2000 Canadian but I'm in Canada for two weeks so that will go a long way"

"I could atleast take Ashley's garbage out or something! You'd probablly find a whole bunch of stuff in his trash" (he said this in an interview)

"Ashley dreams about like turtles and cats dancing together...and writing music..."

"I'm a very by the book person and I don't think the group has learned that yet."


NEW! I want everyone to know what we.. there's a.... there's a little codeword that we say and it's "WA". Capital W, capital A and it stands for "Where's Ashley".
NEW! "You naked under there?"(to ashley when talking about his experience meeting his dad)
"I'm just gonna prepare for the worst and hope for the best"
"Where's my hometown crowd at?" "I thought we were talkin about New York City, let me here you, where's my hometown crowd at"
"Experience meets innocense"
"Thanks uncle Marc!..And uncle Jay!"(After Marc gives them each a dollar)
"I don't see Ikaika as part of this group"
"Do my best, expect the worst, and if it comes out on top I'm the better man for it."
"Ashley's the only one seen in the shower because of his pecks!"(on MTV in a sweedish accent)
"We're not trying to be big stars, we're just trying to have big hearts" (from Nov. issue of Popstar)

"I can only imagine what he (Clive) was thinking right now "O-Town more like O-Brother"

."I'll marry a fan but not a fanatic."

"We were watching our weight for the show and Ashley kept smuggling Kit Kats into our room at night. I'd catch him eating in the closet!"


"I'm gonna need some names." (Talking about his half brother and sister)

"Last time we were on live tv... it was horrible."

"Ricky Martin called me the other, really!"

"You promised yourself you weren't going to cry"

"I can't believe you wore a...flag...shirt" (Talking to his dad when he first met him and they were wearing the same shirt)

"LOOOOONG LIVE THE FISH" (yelled in Copenhagen/Denmark airport after he'd been given a singing fish by some of the fans)

"If this was to all stop now I have a life time full of stories to tell."

"I'm not big on going out...I just seem to do it at the wrong time"

"Knife, Knife, Knife, Knife, (slams pepper shaker on the table) Dan!"

"Then you see them and they're like....Pow Pow....and like uhhh uhhh....You just..."

"Alright...come on guys...bum bum..."

"It's one o'clock Ash"

"All in the name of my craft"

"I don't even know how to attempt to grab all that garbage...go around it...come at it...attack it."

"He (Trevor) cried like three little girls"

"Jacob's the writer/producer, Ashley's the cute one, Trevor's the good dancer, Dan's now the motivator where am I?"

"He's the sweetest and nicest member of the band. Every time he talks, he'll give you a cavity!" (about Ashley in Sixteen magazine)

"I can't remember my first kiss (then ash and trevor ask why)Because I was very young (ash asks how young) I was in kindergarten."

"I have always enjoyed juggling, so I was thinking of taking my act on the road. Umm...being a singing juggler I am serious!" (where he sees himself in 10 years)

"Flower shirt, flower shirt, I'm wearing a flower shirt!"

"Ikaika had an impressive range...mine's not that bad either"

"I thought we should be called NY!"

"I got this at a thrift store...Why spend thirty dollars for a shirt?" -When Regis Philbin asks him where he got his shirt from.

"We might actually just be good!"


NEW! "I havnt seen my family in 3 months and I think i deserve 4 f*****g days to see my f*****g family alright andrew????"
NEW! "I mean who DOESN'T want a monkey?"
NEW! "Are you nervous? Don't be nervous...please don't be nervous."
NEW! "Ssshhhh no no no no" (when JJ said his name when they were trying to surprise their fans)
NEW! "And when we do photo shoots Ashley does that thing like Vanilla Ice did by clenching his teeth together."
NEW! " like red, and silver...obviously"
NEW! "Oh Ikaika... he fell from a coconut tree and died on impact! oops, did i say that outloud???"
NEW! "I don't do pink"
NEW! "Your never vaccuuming again!" (after the vaccum backfired on Ikaika)
NEW! "He dance like a mother" (talking about dan)
NEW! "Hey come on sing along now just in case Erik forgets the words."
"You have ranch dressing? Dude, your the coolest!!! Ranch dressing on pizza is not even weird, it's great! You gotta try it......Seriously"
"Theres no critic that can judge what I do and come do it better."
"My mom calls me not expecting me to call her back sayin, 'oh, I just wanted to hear your voicemail'. I mean, no son wants to hear that from their mom" -talking to Andrew
"I am not a star."
"Ashley was born to be a centerfold in BOP magazine. He was edited perfectly, just for tv, thats how you describe Ashley"
"Say it with me, two spins before 10"
"It will never go away"--talking about the miss america performance(in a cute vioce)
" don't really look at the other guys feet"(when asked what part of each guy would make the ideal boyband member)
(on Ashley)"I've even caught him checking out his ass a few times"
"People make mistakes, and we make then in front of millions of people."
"Look at this backyard! Would you please!?!?"
"The cards just fell in the right place."
"Bands aren't good when they just start."
"I'm not a pissed off guy."
"Our fans keep giving us second and third chances, and we are thankful for them!"
"How does Ashley have a more soul sounding voice he's the whitest guy that I know"
"I know we're gonna fight, and then we'll make up and it'll be sweet, sweet lovin'!"
"Trevor will find any excuse to go skinny dipping....oh a puddle!!!"

"The Temptations were a boy band..the Beatles a boy band,...Jackson Five, boy band...were are a boy band theres no way to get around it"

"I'm not joining the circle until you admit I can sing the highest!" *says to the group*

(on mtvCanada)Question: How do you rate your kissing skill on a scale from 1-10? "10! well somebody's gotta be a 10 and i figured that somebody should be me."

"There's a time for joking, but music isn't it."

"I'm not in this to make little girls scream. I don't have to be this sweet little teen idol, so I'm not!"

"I've never been on a proper date!"

"I'm in a boyband that's kinda funny."
(on MTV Canada)Exan: "So is the 3rd season of Making The Band going to be showing you guys with Britney on the tour?"
(Jacob): "Yeah, of course, Britney's been really sweet, and she was gracious enough to be on our show and on camera."

"It's not a joke, it's stupid, it's humiliating."

"I'm iffy about being in this group."

"I dont like 'what kind of underwear do you wear'. Cause its like humiliating. We work so friggin hard all day long and we barely have enough time to sit down and talk to people and u ask me what kind of underwear i wear its like what the hell does it mean to you? Or anybody else for that matter. Thats not what we're marketing. Thats not what we're about." (during an interview for about what kind of questions they dont like to be asked)

"The stage was like - 4x12, we kept banging into each other"

"Britney isn't THAT hot!!"

"God Bless America!"--before concert prayer in Philadelphia

"There is no thing that says O-Town has to do what everybody else is doing."

"I didn't think you could sing anyway!"

"I wanna come with ya.." (talkin to Carson when he says he's gonna go over to meet Michael Jackson)

"Did you hear what he said? He said give me sexy! How do you give sexy?"

"Why don't you just go back and work on your little computer and make our lives a little more hectic!"

"Janie has been my girlfriend since 5th, 6th, 7th grade, and now that its past that, shes my shoulder I lean on, my support"

"I love looking at beautiful people but we can get past that. I like them (fans) to support our music but that's all I want the fans there for. I dont like them to tempt me to cheat on my girlfriend" (when answering STARmag question about he liking fans to tempt him or not.)

"I sold my life to you Lou, Thank you!"

"My Advice to everyone is to not be afraid to do things that are different. And if you believe in what you are doing, that is all that matters."

"I regrew my goatee, I got my dreads back, I started painting my nails. And now I'll show you the real Jacob."

"More soulful? Ashley is the whitest white guy I know!"

"Doin' a little wishi washi"

"If I liked a girl that liked Ashley (long pause)...I'll get a new one."

"our fans are so important to us"

"I love my girlfriend so i dont have to lie about her."

"I've always been known as the leader, and usually the comic relief. I like being the life of any party"

"Whoever offends any of my brothers offends me"

"You know what you need potato chips!" (to eric)

"We're not saying our story is the same as every other group's story."

"Dirty?! The truth hurts" (talking about 'Every 6 Seconds')

"We get 4 days to see our familys andrew, so f*** you!"

"Ikaika, what's your brother number? I need to ask you some questions!"

"The doctors were like 'Ok, basically you have pnemonia. You're not going to get better; you need to take these pills, you need to rest, you need to not sing,' and I'm like 'Ha, tell that to my manager'."


NEW! "Too little to late, too little too late. The Trevor Train gonna pass you by"(Trevor talking to Kelly at the airport)
NEW! "I like the color orange...and...a little bit of babyblue"
NEW! "Never give up on..Keep trying and someday it will happen!"
"Like toothpaste!" *during Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer...after "you'll go down in history"
(When driving through Beverly Hills) "Look for Dylan Mackay...Look for Dylan Mackay"
"Too little too late baby!" (To Kelly in the airport)
"This is the second time I heard this song and I haven't heard ours yet" (When he was waiting to hear Liquid Dreams for the first time)
"I KNOW ashley's going to get it!" (When choosing rooms in their new house about the big room)
"Making The Band has definitely helped and hurt." [Showed: Erik walking into camera]
"To little to late, to little to later the Trevor train gone past you by."
"All my life, I've been trying to make people smile."
"The Trevor-train is leaving! It's going...the Trevor-train is gone, baby!"
"I get to look at Britney Spears everyday...(after Mike said most likely not) Then can I see her at least twice a week?"
"Erik, be good to my mom" (When erik admitted on a radio show that he is seeing someone)
"Oh my God, I just like, shook her hand and went "Hi I'm Trevor" I SHOOK BRITNEY'S HAND!"

We get to look at Britney Spears every day"

"When Lou announced Ikaika the first thing that came to my mind was "ok. Ikaika made it. well that sucks."

"That pissed me off" (when Sum 41 and Carson made fun of them)

"Aww, your missing your Senior Prom to see us? Wow, Thank You!" (to a fan at the Holland, Michigan show)

"They think we SUCK!"

"I'm a imma imma have to go with the back!"(When asked what he likes better on a girl.. the front or the back)

"I'm still normal you know, I put my pants on one leg at a time."

"Dan sleeps with fresh fruit in his underpants. I don't think any of us were prepared for that."

"There were a bunch of screamin' girls yelling I love you and I wanna marry you and Awwh!"

"Oh please please can the cameras leave so O-Town can go to sleep?"

"That disturbed me that some guy asked you if I was your boyfriend, and you didn't know what to say."(Talking to Kelly)

"I never told you about the time I saw "Save the Last Dance" (to ashley) ya know when they kiss for the first time, well all these high school memories kept playing through my head and literally for like 5 minutes tears just poured out of my eyes."

"I think I know what my socks look like when they come out of the dryer! I'm not jacking your socks! Dan you are such a liar! You're a liar!"

"I'm an exbitionist. I don't wear underwear except when I'm onstage. I wear boxer-briefs onstage, I'll be singing lot higher if I didn't."

"I can turn into captain flirt"

"Oh thats so cool! No that's so cool! No no that! Is cool!" (the britney concert)

"Did you know that when you're at a fancy restaurant you're not supposed to take your coat off until the main coarse?"

"Your a liar, a liar!" (talking to Dan)

"And I was like tears, like crying."

"Wow! It's Michael Jackson!" (on trl when carson was talking to MJ)

"She just broke up with me for no reason at all. Normally when you break up, there's a reason for the break up. This time there wasn't a reason. She just did it for no reason whatsoever."

"We're number 2, we're number 2, its time to eat, its time to eat, lets go eat!"

"I'd like you to meet my girlfriend...oh wait I don't have one"

"Come on Ohio!"

"I'm sorry for mocking you Dan..."

"Dan also has an obsession with the tushies, always, he's always trying to come up with words for butt"

"NO! westside!!"

"I've got a joke for you....oh I can't think of it."

"If I don't make the band, it'll be so hard to turn on the radio and hear Otown, knowing I was this close to that being me"

"...sometimes when I get out of the shower and just have my towel on, I'll go, 'Whoosh (makes a towel-coming-off motion) Hey, Dan!"

"The beauty of the show is that people watch it and they feel like they know us." (talking about 'Making the Band')

"I was about to find out who made the 8, and as soon as they got to 6 I was like, ok, that's it, I'm going home, at least my boy, Jacob's up there, and when they called my name, I just started crying."

"I was 3rd row at a Backstreet Boy Concert and AJ touched my hand!!"

"I'm Jacob Underwood! I'm better then everybody else!!"

"I can so picture 'NSYNC singing this. But NSYNC isn't gonna sing it. Like, we're gonna sing it." (talking about Baby I Would)

"Knowing that your life can change, just by someone saying you're name just once.."

"My mom said 'Good Luck' to everyone" -at NYPD with the 25

"Milk Chocolate just like me!" (talking about Beyonc Knowles)

"We all made a pact. We decided that the day O-Town started to begin affecting our friendship, it would be the day we stop being O-Town. It could happen in 15 years; it could happen in two months...but it's not going to happen in two months of course!"

"We give Dan a hard time all the time. I don't know why...just because we know it gets to him!"

"Too little too late! Too little too late baby! The Trevuh train done passed you by!"

"Dan sleeps with fresh fruit in his underpants. I don't think any of us were prepared for that"

"An apple a day keeps Jay's nagging away."

"I think I'll go to the club with Erik. I might wake up naked next to a naked girl"


"Our fave canadian city is definitly Toronto"

"Please, Please! Let me see my mommy! Please, Please! Let me see my mommy" (singing on the bus when they haven't seen their families in five and a half months).

"Guys' night out!" -Ashley, Erik, and Jacob

"Kick'in some plumpy rear end!"

Dan is irresponsible Dan is mean!!!" -Trevor, Ashley, Erik, and others


NEW! "Did ya pack enough underwear?" -Dan's Parents
"You're the only one who calls me." (To Ashley in Cancun)-Shelli
"Everything happens for a reason" -Jackie Salvucci
"My heart goes out to, and I'm not gonna say losers coz everyones a winner here, it's a win-win situation" -Jackie Salvucci
"You are not a star my friend, you are a lab rat." -Mark
"You are not a star my friend." -Mark talking to Jacob
"They could just pluck my boyfriend out of my life. And I don't know when i'm going to see him again. I don't even know if I ever will." -Cindy
"Ashley says 'Hi'"(Talking to Cori on the phone) "He's lying in bed with his girlfriend." (Cori hangs up on him) "HELLO?" -Jacob's Brother
"You're like not the same Ashley I fell in love with." -Shelli
Cindy-"Oh my God it's beautiful!"
Shelli-"Oh my God I'm gonna die!"
"I wanna have sex with them, every day and every night" -a girl in making the fan

"They took a crap in our hats and expected us to wear it." -Mike Morin (after transcon cut off their money)

"You guys think you're the bomb already cuz you got the're wrong." -Raymond

"OH MY GOODNESS...the mall was insane...oh my goodness!" -Cindy

"Ashley smells like cat pee!" -Mike Miller

Cindy: "Oh my God, its so nice out"
Shelli: "Oh my God, I'm going to die"

"I hate you" -Shelli

"I worry about like where we'll stand 'cause we are so close. I'm worried about him changing, or something just not working out. But I'm willing to like see him through this totally, and if he needs me by his side, like I'll be there because of what he means to me." -Shelli

"Me breaking up with you wasn't meant to hurt you, I mean you just want to have a relationship , you're not ready for me yet. I mean I come here for 4 days and I sit in the hotel room the whole time. You don't have enough time for me" -Shelli

"But it's like if I don't let you go... then I'm sacrificying my whole life for you, which you know i'd do, so it's your call. Now how pathetic is that?" -Shelli

"Easy Streisand" (to Ashley) -Marc Hudson

"We've gone from genius to suck" -Marc Hudson

"Your nothing but a bunch of labrats, your not a star yet, your just a lab rat." -Mark

"I didn't know whether to hug u and kiss u, or to shake your hand (laughs) I would't shake your hand." -Cindy

"I just like wanna get up and run through that door... I feel so weird..." -Shelli

"Oh my god, I love these shoes!" -Cindy

"Okay, you have to make that last line kind of like a love song until it becomes a song about sex!" --Him on Jacob's rendition of the line "I need your soft lips kissig mine" -The producer for "Every 6 Seconds"

"I see PAAALLLMMMMM trees!" (In CanCun)

"Roll out. Come on just roll out the door. There's no need to congregate in the livingroom. Just roll out. Come on. Just roll out . Roll out the door." (trying to get the guys to a signing on time)-Andrew

"do you want some money... Like he's my sugar daddy or something!" (talking about Dan when he asked her if she wants some money) -Cindy

"Must we call them go-go boots?" -Shelli

"I hate you." (Shelli when Ashley broke up with her)

"Is it gonna make me cry?" (Shelli to Ashley when he sings her a song he wrote for her)

"I've met a lot of guys in the music industry, but these are the nicest group of 5 guys i've ever met...period" -Montel Williams

"Tell me why... I live with a bunch of slobs." (singing while doing the dishes to BSB's Show Me The Meaning Being Lonely) -Ikaika

"Here's a dollar for you, and a dollar for you. Now don't all spend it in one place." -Mark (Road Manager)

"He's (Jacob) not interested in getting it close, he's interested in getting it perfect." -Marc (Vocal teacher)

"Some space? That was the stupidest thing you've ever said. We have like 3,000 miles between us want some more space? Then go over seas!" -Shelli



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