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Here's what happened in '2000

O-Town's Accomplismnets in 2000

December 28, 2000 - MuchMusic
"Liquid Dreams" was the #1 single in Canada.

December 25, 2000
"Liquid Dreams" was #95 on NYC's Z100's Top 100 of 2000 as well #1 many times on Z100 Interactive 9 at 9.

December 19, 2000
They were Billboard's Artist of the Day.

Week of December 5, 2000
They were #1 on the Kool 6@6 for a week, when the single first can out. They were also entered into the "Smash or Trash" Hall of Fame on Kool FM that same week.

December 2000
"Liquid Dreams" was #1 on the Interactive Five @ Nine on the new 95.5 the Beat in Atlanta for almost a month.

November 6, 2000 - December 15, 2000
They were #1 six times on the Kiss 92.5 top 7@7 in Toronto, Canada. They were also put on the station's Wall of Fame.

December 5, 2000
"Liquid Dreams", their 1st single, is released in stores!

August - September 2000
O-Town goes on a small mall tour in 5 major cities for YM magazine.

July 24, 2000
They make thier TRL debut with a quick appearance and interview.

July 18, 2000
"Pokemon", the movie soundtrack, is released which features 2 songs recorded by O-Town.

June 23, 2000
The 5 members of what we now know as "O-Town" were selected on Making the Band. (Dan Miller joins the group a few weeks later)



"Making the Band" was nominated for Best Music Show in the TV Guide Awards.

"Making the Band" was voted favorite show in Popstar magazine.

The Show "Making the Band" won a Crystal Reel Award for combining Music and Television in a reality TV show At the FMPTA annual Crystal Reel Awards.


"Liquid Dreams" crowned the Soundscan singles chart at #1, selling over 42,000 units in one week. J Records made musical history as the first label in Soundscan history (1991 and on) to have its first single release debut at #1 on the sales charts. Furthermore, O-Town is the first artist in Soundscan history to have its debut single come in at #1 on the sales charts.

O-Town made history as the first group to ever have a single ("Liquid Dreams") debut at #1 on the Sales Chart. They will be in the 2002 Guinness Book of World Records for this.

O-Town made into the Mix Music Hall of Fame! (Montreal,Canada)

"Liquid Dreams" was #1 for a few nights in a row on Rochester's 98PXY High 5 @ Nine.

"Liquid Dreams" made it into 97.5 pst's hall of fame.

O-Town's first single, "Liquid Dreams", has been certified GOLD with over 500,000 copies sold.

"Liquid Dreams" was #10 on Billboard top 100 for only their 3rd week! They were at #17 their 2nd week, and #27 their 1st week out!


"All or Nothing" won the 8:00 showdown on Power107 in Calgary the first time it was ever played, and won with 92% of the votes.

They were number one on Cleveland's Kiss 104.9's Top 8 @ 8 with All Or Nothing

"All or Nothing" made it to PST's(97.5) hall of fame!

"All or Nothing" made it on the showdown wall of fame on Toronto's Kiss 92.5 radio station.


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