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More Quotes

"Thats how the counter feels!"(throwing a bowl in Ashleys lap)
"Most of our venues are sold out,to have to cancel a couples shows is enough to put a band under.And talking about canceling an entire tour is something were not sure if we can come back from."
"I hope our song gets played today.I listened to Xfm all last night and the other day and we still havent heard it.I just need to hear the song to make it all real to me"
"Nice butt Dan!!"
"That girl from Titanic was hot.NO!!!! the old lady."
"Stop jacking my socks!!"
"We give Dan a hard time..I dunno why,Maybe its because we kow it gets to him"
"C'mon Ohio" Trevor to Dan
"Your a liar" Trevor playfully to Dan
"Even though my life is completely busy,I think me and Kelly can make things work"
"Too little too late the Trevot Train has passed you by!"
"Why did you bring me this far if your going to get rid of me?"
"Guys I want you meet my girlfriend...hmmm.I dont have one!"
"My lifes incredible, all these girls screeming *Girl Voice* 'O I love you, I wanna marry you, O!"
"Thats hard, WOW , This is too hard."
"I think there is only one place this conversation is going..You need to enjoy your college life and Ill enjoy being a rock star"Trevor to Kelly

Ashley:I cant believe you called him (Ruban)
this early in the morning.
Erik:It's 1:00 Ashley.*sigh*
Erik:You might wanna get up.
Ashley:*laughs* I just wanna say Im glad you came and talked to me dude.
Erik:i think that just coming to talk to you leaveates that,ya know, pent of stress that im thinking about over and over again.And I wanna voice it.Ive already voiced it and now I can go on with my day and you know whats going on and you know what might resurface in my head and your not like'whats wrong with you dude.'
Ashley: Hey seriously,I just I really feel like....*tears coming to his eyes*
Erik:Don't cry now.You promised yourself you werent gonna cry.
Ashley:....In a manly kind of way, Im really glad were tight.
Erik:Definatley cause if we werent I dont think that we could get through this..Thank You
Erik:Peace man

Ashley:In my wildest dreams maybe....
Dan:Asley has dreams that dont usually happen.Ashley dreams about like, turtles......
Ashley:What now?*playful*
Dan:....turtles and cats dancing together and writing music in.....Japan.
Ashley:You know how you talk to someone with that glaze in their eyes?They always say that I go off to 'Ashley Land'.I'm a day dreamer.Im a day dreamer!!

"The front lounge of the bus, alot can go on..First of all this is where all the eating goes on..As you can see.O-Town's food of choice is cold cereal.Morning,noon,and night we eat cold cereal" -Ashley

"We're going on tour with Briney?that means I get to see Britney every single day!"-Trevor
"Not every sigle day Trevor!!"-Mike
"Well at least let me see her twice a week you guys!"Trevor


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