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Cool Facts


NEW! He actively supported and attended rallies for legislative bill in CA to raise more money for school libraries and classrooms.
NEW! Plays the piano and guitar.
NEW! He went to Central Valley Highschool
NEW! His favorite color is blue
NEW! He's always late
NEW! His dog Chang was put to sleep on December 18th.
NEW! He gets caught checking out his butt by the other guys!
He's still good friends with Matt Yoakum, one of the 25 finalists for MTB, who's now part of Townsend:
His favorite place in the world is the Virgin Islands
He closes his eyes when he sings
During his part in the "All or Nothing" video, when he's driving the car you can see he has a band-aid on his thumb.
He wants to meet Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The food he likes the most is lasagna
The energy-powering drink "Red-Bull" upsets his stomach ache:(
His least fav food is sweet potatoes.
He is the only one seen on MTB taking a shower!
He is better at remembering faces rather than names.
He graduated as the valedictorian of his class.
His favorite Disney character is Scuttle from the Little Mermaid.
His full name is Ashley Ward Parker Angel.
He has a Star Wars bedset and a Yoda toothbrush
If he could be any other member of the group he would be Dan.
His MTB audition was in Las Vegas.
He was born the same day MTV was launched.
He burned down his elementary school soccer field while setting off a model rocket. It went up, came down and exploded. It also went into 5 neighbor's yards.
He has 2 sisters named Emily and Annie
He's been able to play the piano since he was 4, his mom taught him.
He's good at remembering faces, instead of names.
He's alergic to cats.
He used to watch "The Wizard" on Nick every morning when he was a kid.
His favorite show as a kid was "Ducktales".
His professional role model is Harrison Ford.
He went to Central Valley High School and he was also a part of the College Connection, a program in which highschool seniors get to study their senior year at Shasta College.
His first kiss was a french kiss.
The first concert he attended was a Third Eye Blind concert.
He was validictorian of his class.
One of his old music or singing lesson place has a plaque dedicating the buliding to him.
He received his first kiss in the eighth grade by a girl who was in a school play with him.
He sleeps in his underwear.
He's about six feet tall.
He has a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
He loves cereal and his favorite is Smacks.
His favorite TV show is "Friends".
His mom is a piano teacher.
He was on his high school math team.
He has met all of the Jackson Five except for Michael.
He wore Superman pjs when he was 6.
He took acting lessons with Rebbeca Olson.
He played Danny Zuko in a production of Grease in his hometown of Redding, Ca. It was sold out on all 14 shows.
He really likes cow print jackets. He was talking about them during the whole meet and greet from their charity softball game.
He first stared taking acting classes in a music school in Redding, California.
He is scared to get a tattoo.
He has a crush on Jenifer Aniston.
He also wears Hanes Briefs (pictured in the latest Popstar!).
The stuff Ashley uses in his hair is Bed Head Wax Sticks.
He wears Calvin Klein briefs.
His dog (who he's had for around 10 years) is named Chang because he used to fall asleep to piano music his mom would play music by this composer, Chang.
His dream date is a candlelit dinner with a meal he cooked himself.
He gave Shelli a pearl necklace on their first date.
His best friend is his cousin Casey.
His favorite school subject was math.
He has a brother named Taylor.
He stood on the table with his clothes off (still had on boxers)dancing while the rest of the guys were putting money in his boxers.
He used to work at "ShopKo" in his hometown.
The item that is most dear to his heart is his journal that his started when he made the eight.
He would love to visit Fiji because he would love to go scuba diving there.
He considers his mother as the major insiration of his life.
He was last in line at the audition for O-Town.
His fave movie is the Matrix.
One of his fave foods is lasgana.
He is allergic to cats.
He brought Star Wars sheets with him to Florida and says that he pictures himself as Han Solo.
He loves candy.
The cologne he wears is, Perry Ellis.
He wears "tighty-whities".
He and Erik are big SNL (Saturday Night Live) Fans, and are always doing skits.
He used to work at a water park in Redding and started when he was only 14.
He likes junk food. He secrectly ate Kit-Kats on tour, in the closets.
He has an earring on his left ear.
Just like Brian the Backstreey Boy, Ashley wriggles his nose when he goes for his high long notes.
He is very ticklish on the sides of his stomache!
He has a grandmother who lives in Canada.
He was named after Ashley Wilkes the charcter that Scarlett fell in love with in "Gone With the Wind".
He fell asleep during the recording of One Heart so Dan got Ashley's part of the song.
He tried out for the voice of Simba in the Lion King.
He did the voice of Alex in the playstation video game Lunar-The silver star story. He talks about it on the making of Lunar Disk that came with the game.
He is a big Superman fan.
He is the youngest member of the group
His birthday is August 1, 1981
He is from Redding, California

NEW! He wears a size 12 shoe
NEW! When making the video for We Fit Together, he got seasick on the boat!
NEW! His favorite color is baby blue
NEW! He has a scar on the left half of his chin
NEW! He loves orange juice and glazed donuts
NEW! When Performing in New York on New Years Eve, he was standing by the window and he felt that 5 million people were looking at his butt!!
His fav outfit is jeans and a t-shirt
He was a paperboy
He was steve Urkel for halloween one year
Dan was named "best hair" his senior year in high school.
He likes chicken parmesaen.
He has an aunt & uncle that live in Philadelphia
He took Ashley's part in "One Heart" because Ashley fell asleep
He hates the sight of feet
His fave Disney character is Simba from the Lion King
He wants to become a producer.
He loves Stevie Wonder
He had braces.
His first concert was Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch.
He is a baritone who sings bass
He describes his romantic side as "gooey"
His favorite book is Charlotte's Web
Was on the Student Council in High school
At the Doswell, VA concert he tried to climb on top of a railing at the end of the stage. His foot slipped and he almost fell off the stage.
He wears Tommy Hilfiger cologne.
He's six feet tall.
He choreographed many dance and song numbers for his show choir, including Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" 1998,"I'll Take you there", and "The Things You Do".
He has a cousin named Chris.
He only wears white underwear during March.
He has a sister named Ally, a brother named Adam, and a littler brother named Kevin.
He was walking down a street and a man in an apartment above yelled at him for betraying his dad and then dumped his garbage on Dan.
He was on his highschool basketball team.
His favorite fast food is McDonald's chicken nuggets.
His full name is Dan Mark Miller.
He was in his high school's Show Choir "Great Expectations".
His birthday is September 4, 1980
He was the last one to join to group
He is a Virgo
He was born in New Hampshire
He was raised in Twinsburg, Ohio

NEW! His favorite movie is Happy Gilmore
NEW! Before the boys' first TRL appearance Erik saw his father for the first time according to BOP magazine.
NEW! He's the oldest member in the group by-2 months.
Erik is 1/4 Italian and 3/4 Puerto Rican
He won a music scholarship when he graduated high school.
He considers himself a New Yorican, because he is Puerto Rican and from New York.
He was batman for his birthday. His suit ripped and he was wearing underwear so he started to cry
As a kid erik never had a halloween costume.
One of his dog tags he always wears is a Peurto Rican flag made of Diamonds,Rubies, and Sapphires(his birthstone). The other side he has his mother,father,and grandmother's name engraved.
He has a 11 year old step sister named Florinda and a 15 year old step brother named Fabian
Is the tallest one in the group, coming in at '6 1/2' tall.
His fave Disney character is the Genie from Aladdin
He went to the same high school as P. Diddy
His favorite book is Animal Farm by George Orwell.
He was raised in the Bronx, New York
He's a huge Yankees fan!
He used to work at K-Mart.
He uses blue hair gel.
He's the only band member who's an only child.
He wears Polo Sport cologne.
One of his favorite Christmas movies is A Christmas Story.
He is a big fan of the soap "All My Children".
His mom is a teacher at West Orange High School in Orlando, FL.
He likes Italian food.
He's about 6' 1/2" tall.
His favorite cereal is Oatmeal Raisin Crisp.
His favorite ride at Disneyworld is the Tower of Terror.
He wears colored contacts for his performances.
His first letter from his fan mail bag was from his mom, asking him to call home.
He always wanted a horse when he was little.
His favorite way to keep in shape is by practicing Tae Bo and fisting.
He lives in Plame Bay,FL and auditioned in Orlando.
He sang *NSYNC's "Tearin' Up My Heart" for his audition.
Ashley and him are big SNL (Saturday Night Live) Fans, and are always doing skits.
His hero is Jesus.
When Erik Trevor Ashley and Jacob were eating lunch they were talking about playing tricks on Ikaika and Erik was laughing so hard he choked on a chicken nugget.
He was the 7th member choisen out of the eight.
He loves comics.
He plays handball (NY Sport).
He got sick so Dan took his solos in "You Bring Me Under".
His full name is Erik-Micheal Estrada.
Trevor has a stuffed Red Dog named Legen, Erik has one named Dary. So you put them together and it's called Legendary. cute.
He doesn't have his own computer, he shares one.
He is the oldest member of the group
His birthday is September 23, 1979
He says he is a Libra and a Virgo
He is of Puerto Rican descent

NEW! He doesn't like taking pictures because he thinks it is embarrasing.
NEW! In J-14 magazine, he was voted class individual
NEW! Claims that his dreads took hours and hours to put in...imagine if you were the one dreading his hair!
NEW! Michel Jackson is his idol
NEW! He used to have a dog which he called fluffy
NEW! Hates peas
NEW! He says that his girlfriend Janie is his best friend
He's not interested in strip clubs
He almost always stands with his heels together, his toes pointing outward, and his hands behind his back.
He uses cucumber gel in his dreads.
The new tattoos on his elblows mean "trinity".
His fave Disney character is Donald Duck
He was called the "most original" in his senior year of high school.
His Michael Jackson collection: 26 cds and 11 vinyl's plus what fans give him.
He has a cousin named Nick who is 19 who plays the piano, a cousin named Justin who is 17, and a cousin named Candice who is 11.
He has two new tattoos one on each of his elbows.
He is a baritone/tenor.
During a concert in Edmonton he threw his shoe into the crowd.
At a meet and greet, Jacob told a fan (who also liked Hanson) that he thought Hanson were good and he really loved their song "This Time Around."
He is a Friend's FANATIC
He likes his pizza with ranch dressing.
He hates when people watch him eat.
He believes that a true artist writes their own music, anyone else is just an entertainer.
He does not want to break hearts, he does not want people to interfere into his personal life, he just wants to make music that moves people.
He wears size 6 gauge for his earrings
He doesn't like to eat the crust of the bread, he cuts it off cause he said it ruins the bread.
He loves to listen to DC Talk...a hit christian group!
He hates onions on anything.
He's the only cousin out of 38 not to attend college.
He graduated from Valhalla High School in El Cajon a suburb of San Diego.
He worked at a restaurant called Echos at the Singing Hills Resort.
His senior write out reads: "my boyz 4ever Ryan nate Byon mikey mateo Reggie mark hrext JR you are a big part of my life and I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always love you Iwillluvu4ever Thanks 2 God Mom Dad Bryan Dani Grandparents RD JR I luv u."
His first kiss was in 8th grade.
He drives a hunter green Chrysler PT Cruiser.
He wears Clinique Happy for Men Cologne.
He's 5'10" and a half tall.
His favorite holiday is Christmas.
He likes to play basketball, baseball and soccer.
He can play the clarinet, saxaphone and bass.
He used to belong to a group called Primary Focus.
One of his favorite cereals is Apple Jacks.
He loves to travel.
He wears an earring in his left and right ear.
He likes to sleep with no shirt on.
The worst thing of being on the road for him is doing laundry.
He started taking vocal lessons in the 7th grade.
He believes that God will decide the future of his career as well as the band.
He loves KoRn and Tool.
His sign is Taurus.
He has a brother name Brian and a sister name Danielle.
When Ashley, Erik and him where on Lou Pearlman's boat he fell overboard! The cameras where still rolling but he demanded it to be cut out!
He is 1 of 38 cousins.
His full name is Jacob Christopher Underwood.
He and Ashley both wrote "Say, Say" together.
One time when playing water polo, his Speedo ripped.
His favotite food is spinach.
He says that he hates when people look at him when he eats. He says that it's an invasion of his privacy.
He has a tattoo on his lower back that he got in Victoria, Canada. The tattoo is Hebrew and means "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior."
He used to dye his hair different colors every month before trying out for O-Town.
He worked at a golf course in San Diego (Singing Hills i think was the area) before he started O-Town.
He played water-polo in high school.
His birthday is April 25, 1980.
He likes to wear black and silver nail polish.

NEW! He has a phobia of spiders.
NEW! He was class president in high school
His favorite book is "Catcher in the Rye" by JD Sallinger
He wears size 12 shoes
He has a dog named Lucy.
He only wears underwear when he is performing.
When Trevor was in eighth grade he was a mummy. He wrapped toilet paper all over him and put ketchup on for blood. The ketchup attracted flies and the toilet paper was loose so he looked like an idiot.
Fav movie is Billy Madison
He has a tattoo that says "Money, Money, Money"
He finally got to meet his idol Will Smith while during their tour with Britney.
His first girlfriend was a girl named Katie in the 5th grade
He is the most emotional guy out of the whole group
He only went to the "Making the Band" audition to give his friend support! He decided to try out when he got their and ended up making the band.
Was the last one in the group to meet Britney Spears.
"Bring It On" was filmed at his high school
He can recite the dialogue from almost every episode of the original Saved By The Bell. "Zack Morris was my hero," he says.
He was nicknamed Midol because he was moody during the first semester of college.
He likes Beyonce' from Destiny's Child
He hates to get his hair cut.
He had his first kiss in eighth grade on the last day of school when he was 12.
He's a big "Survivor" fan.
He took Drama in school.
He's 6' 1/2" tall.
He loves to hang with the boyz of C28 in Fullerton.
His nickname was Midol in his fraternity.
He attended Cal State Fullerton with his best friend Brooke before "Making the Band".
He is a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.
He was the school mascot at his high school, Rancho Cucamonga, for senior year.
He has a big red pickup truck.
He's a big fan of Will Smith.
He found out about the band audition because his friend saw an ad on the internet.
His lucky number is five. He had 4 friends that hung out together and they called themselves "Five." That was before the band FIVE came out.
He is a fan of the Rock from WWF.
He used to work as a trash guy at the Quakes Stadium in his hometown, so when they were there to perform after the game, during the game they had him in his old uniform picking up trash.
He used to work at Footlocker at the brea Mall.
He has a crush on Britney Spears.
His favorite CD is the Wyclef Jean CD.
His full name is Trevor Lee Scott Penick.
He started dancing when he was 5 and got into a Broadway dancing at 12.
His biggest fear is dyin' in a plane crash or in the ocean.
He has a Backstreet Boys shirt hanging above his bed, and he thinks he's most like A.J.
He wears two kinds of cologne: Versace Dreamer and Chrome.
His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
He has a stuffed Red Dog named Legen, Erik has one named Dary. So you put them together and it's called Legendary.
His birthday is November 16, 1979

He is from Rancho Cucumonga, California

He signs his name with "269" under it because he was the 269th person to join his fraternity in college


NEW! The guys all drink an energy-powered drink called Red-Bull before going onstage and Ashley finally decided to try some and he ended up getting sick! So they were all laughing at him!
NEW! Their first platinum album actually came from Canada, on February 2nd, 2001, at the Square One Mall in Mississauga, Ontario (not March 16th in NYC).
NEW! One of the wierdest times they met a fan was when the fans were in a car next to them on a Dallas Highway. They complemented them on their show and then said "We love you Ashley!!!"
When performing at a Wisconsin school, people had mean signs and threw paper and lollypops at them!!!(that is so wrong! people make me mad!!!)
That after their concert's the guys like to eat beef-jerkey
They choreagraph routines for some of their songs.
O-Town stayed on the 9th floor when the came to Toronto with Britney
They appeared on 'All My Children', singing "Baby I Would."
Trevor and Erik mooned the Making The Band camera crew
They are the one and only reality series cast to return for a 2nd and 3rd season!!
There license plates for the van are HLS-752.(FLORIDA)
They play one-on-one to see who has to do household chores.
The group was almost called Brotherhood instead of O-Town.
All of the guys hate the name "O-Town"
They all wear Boxer Briefs, except Ashley who wears Briefs!
Within the first week of arriving back in orlando after a tour, or break, the guys always are sure to eat at NYPD pizza at liest twice, and one of the guys always orders pasta, he has never had their pizza!
The name O-Town comes from Orlando's nickname.
They once had to emergency land a plane that they were on because the left wing caught on fire.
One of their fav resturants is NYPD Pizza.
Trevor and Erik share an apartment.
Jacob, Dan, and Ashley share an apartment in Orlando.
They love to grub at In & Out. Jacob always gets #1 w/no onions.
Three of the guys sang "Tearin' Up My Heart" for their audition.
All of the guys are big Michael Jackson fans.
O-Town had thier first performance was the same place the Backstreet Boys had thier first performance - Southwest Middle School.
One time, Trevor and Erik were just fooling around and decided to moon the camera! They didn't know it was on.
They were announced to have gone platinum (selling over 1,000,000 records) by Clive Davis on March 16, 2001 in New York

Their first CD was released on January 23rd, 2001 and debuted at #5

They are named O-Town after the city of Orlando where they prepared for this group

Their first single, "Liquid Dreams", broke the record of the first single by a new group to reach #1 in the first week of sales (now in the Guisness book of World records)

Their second single, "All or Nothing", also reached #1 in it's first week of sales


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